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Making sure that your company gets ISO 14001 is one of the most important things to do in Tulsa, Oklahoma if you want to boost its growth and be competitive in the international market. You might know by now that companies need to get certified in different regulations and standards if they want to operate and be in businesses. However, if you are new in this world and haven’t been able to determine everything you need, you might want to focus on the mandatory ones to think about the voluntary ones later on. 

ISO 9001, for example, is a generic standard you need to worry about in order to operate and ensure your company is going in the right direction with its quality management system and therefore, with the products it offers. Since you cannot operate without the certification nor guarantee the best and customer satisfaction, you can’t delay its implementation as well as other ISOs that are regulatory as well. Now, when you are done with the mandatory ones, what should you do next? Focus on improving the systems where you have focused so far or go for more?

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In our experience at IQC The ISO Pros, voluntary standards are a great addition despite what many people might think about them. Yes, we know they seem unnecessary and even a waste of time and resources for your organization, but when you have a closer look at what they offer and the guidelines provided, you will notice that many of them bring amazing benefits. They might not be completely direct or outstanding as mandatory ISOs, but they are—without a doubt—beneficial in the short and long-run for the growth and success of your company. 

With that said, what does ISO 14001 have to do with all this? Since we are focusing on voluntary standards right now, you might guess ISO 14001 is one of those that you will choose to implement or not. Having this in mind, you need to know what the ISO is all about before making a decision, and when we say “all about” we aren’t referring to just a simple overview. Whenever you are thinking about implementing a standard either because it is mandatory or not, make sure you review it properly and get to understand what it is about. 

After all, it is your organization that needs it and although implementing it is the main goal, getting training is also part of the things you will need to do. In our company, we can help you by providing training, implementation, and even consulting services in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and other cities in the state. But before we get there, let’s introduce you to the standard. 

What is the main goal of ISO 14001? 

Making sure your company establishes, maintains, and improves its environmental management system. ISO 14001 is all about the environment and how efficient is your company to meet its responsibilities with it. Also, it focuses on guaranteeing that your processes and operations, in general, won’t affect it or, at least, you will reduce the harm caused to it. 

For most companies, investing in a standard that isn’t directly associated with a more important system in the organization isn’t worth it. However, here’s the big mistake: it is as important as other systems such as quality, occupational and health, and any other that comes to your mind. 

Every company has mandatory requirements and responsibilities when it comes to the environment, and although they can meet them without implementing ISO 14001, it is an amazing idea to follow its guidelines for it. Now, as we mentioned before, the main goal is to establish and maintain your environmental management system. But if we have to mention a more relevant aspect, that would definitely be the need for improvement. 

Management systems in any company cannot stagnate. If businesses want to grow and be successful, continual improvement is required in every area and element. The same applies to the environmental one. Since you already know the goals, you need to understand that it isn’t about meeting the requirements and that’s it. 

Instead, companies that implement it and get ISO 14001 certified demonstrate they are capable to operate with responsible and sustainable processes that won’t harm the environment. And believe it or not, it brings a great advantage to your business not only in the way it handles every process but also in the international market. Besides, we encourage you to look at it not only as a way to achieve specific goals and results that are established by the ISO alone. Instead, go for the option of achieving those that focus on your company’s needs. 

Every ISO should be implemented while considering the needs of the organization even when the guidelines are established in the standard. Why? Because there’s no way you will be able to obtain the desired results without including your company in the equation. ISO 14001 comes with many benefits beyond what you consider about it when training and implementing it. Therefore, we suggest you consider it seriously and give it an opportunity; understand it beyond what is established in the simple but crucial goals we mentioned before.

Benefits from ISO 14001 for your company

We can all agree that ISO 14001 has the environment as the main priority when it comes to its implementation, after all, it is about protecting it and ensuring your company and its processes do not affect it. But when you focus on the actions and additions you will implement in not only your EMS but also, the entire company, you will be able to see that it comes with extra benefits for the rest of your processes and structure. 

To begin with, establishing this EMS alone will allow you to have more efficient and sustainable processes as we mentioned before, and maintaining it only leads to more improvements in the company. On the other hand, other benefits will be achieved and noticed, such as:

  1. Gain control over your processes in the entire organization since the guidelines and actions established in ISO 14001 influence other sections and areas.
  2. Obtain more credibility since you show concern for the environment to your clients or future customers. 
  3. It will be easier to implement any changes or extra standards to the company when it comes to its environmental responsibilities or performance. 
  4. Have an advantage in the industry or market since people care about organizations who get ISO 14001 certified. 

Since implementing it needs to be harmonized with the needs of your company, you will notice the positive changes. It is all about the need of following everything properly and knowing what you are doing, which is why we are here to offer you our help and assistance as well as get you trained in the ISO. With our team at IQC The ISO Pros, you don’t have to struggle to implement the standard or even learning about it. 

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What companies should implement it and get certified? 

Any organization that is interested in meeting its environmental responsibilities and contributing to its care and safety, should implement it and obtain its certification. Unlike other standards, ISO 14001 can be implemented in any company regardless of its size, type, and activities performed or conducted. Therefore, you don’t have limits if you decide to go for it. Now, do you actually need it? 

In our experience and knowledge, we have determined it is a great option to implement it in every situation unless you already have established an EMS that meets almost every requirement in the ISO. Many companies decide to take the task of establishing, maintaining, and improving this system without following guidelines but rather just making a plan based on what they think is the best way to proceed. This is valid and if you feel confident about it, maybe ISO 14001 isn’t for you. 

But if you are looking for guidelines that can help you to establish everything from zero and determine your needs in this area, you should definitely go for ISO 14001 as almost a mandatory requirement. We understand some organizations want to save time and resources in implementing certain ISOs or following guidelines that may not be a benefit. However, even if you have worked in your environmental management system for a while or already established it, getting certified in a standard that helps you to demonstrate how competent your company is in this aspect isn’t a bad alternative either. 

What we are trying to tell you is: any company can and should implement it if it is aiming for a well-developed and established EMS. Of course, since it isn’t a mandatory standard, don’t feel pressure in going for it no matter what. But we highly recommend doing it if you want to boost your company.

What are the needs of your company for this ISO? 

If you decided to implement it or are considering it, we want to go back to something we mentioned: your company’s needs. ISOs are not created for people to just follow them blindly and meet every requirement as if they were established and perfect for every company. They indeed have a good focus and can be implemented, but this is as long as you have identified your needs and include them in the guidelines as part of the process. 

This is why you need to stop for a minute, don’t think about the ISO itself anymore, and focus on what you need when it comes to environmental aspects in your organization. To give you a very good idea of where you should start and continue focusing, you can ask yourself these questions and think about these aspects: 

  • How much energy, water, or any other resource, does your company use in its processes? 
  • Can you reduce the resources used in order to achieve a more ecological production or process?
  • Do you emit gases, smoke, or any type of air emission that contaminates the air?
  • How much waste does your company generate and get rid of? 
  • Do you use recycled materials when it is possible? 
  • Are your processes or company overall affecting the environment in any other possible way when it comes to contamination, waste, or resources? 

It is about focusing on the performance of your company and determining how eco-friendly it is. Unlike what you might think, it won’t be that difficult when you have a good idea of how much you consume and produce. Once you have identified every need but also an improvement that must take place, you can start thinking about the standard and how to harmonize it with what you just determined. 

Our experts can help you with all this process for your company in Tulsa, Oklahoma or if you are located in another city, still count on us for it. Do you need it? Start implementing it as soon as possible The sooner you get certified, the better. Since standards take a while to be implemented—it isn’t a matter of weeks but rather months—, you need to focus on when you get started or, to be more specific, to start as soon as possible. 

If you are a very new organization, you will have time to establish everything and guarantee the best for you but also the environment. If you have been in businesses for a while, it doesn’t mean it is too late since you can think about enjoying the benefits, and when you start the process right away, you won’t have to delay your organization with it anymore. This is why you must think about it as a mandatory standard as well. As much as we have mentioned it, we can’t get tired of repeating it once more: ISO 14001 might be a voluntary one, but it is important and crucial. 

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We really encourage organizations to invest time and resources in it. As for the time it will take to implement it and get certified, you don’t need to worry about it. Our experts at IQC The ISO Pros will help you with every step when understanding ISO 14001 and implementing it in your company. We wanted to make sure that every organization could access this standard since we know not many companies in Tulsa and the entire state of Oklahoma offer it as a certification or consulting option. 

Besides, we personally consider it important and something people should look for in order to not only improve their processes but also help the planet. Now, do you think you are ready to start? We are very confident about it without even having a look at your company. Since it doesn’t take too long to start implementing it, there’s no need to worry about something prepared or focusing on certain aspects when there’s no special requirement to get your certification. 

With that said, you can leave every element to us, and rest assured you will get your certification during the first official audit you have for it. On the other hand, if you have had problems getting ISO 14001 certified already, we can work from where you left it or determine why you haven’t been able to implement it properly. Keep in mind our professionals in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and any city in the state, won’t focus on the guidelines only. They will assess your organization and determine all the needs you might have not come through during all this time. Therefore, expect an entire service for implementation but also consultation. 

As for training, we make sure to help you understand the standard and be able to handle future changes and revisions. We know it isn’t about implementing it and that’s all since ISOs get reviewed and sometimes, updated when it comes to the requirements established. This is why we want you to know about it and be able to deal with future additions or problems when it comes to your EMS in this case.

Do we really offer services to the entire state of Oklahoma?

Absolutely. You can count on us professionals regardless of the city where you are located. We have made sure to help every organization in Oklahoma regardless of its size, type, and industry. After all, ISO 14001 isn’t the only standard we can help you with but also, with over 30 different ones. We want to make sure you are able to obtain all the benefits, your certification, and boost your company’s growth. 

For this, you can always rely on our well-trained and experienced consultants, advisors, trainers, and team that is in charge of implementing the standard. Since we want you to meet every requirement that, in this case, is established in ISO 14001, keep in mind we will be honest and serious about our task. We want you to remember the main goal of the standard we discussed previously and aim for the best not only from the perspective of your company but the planet or environment as well. After all, it is a benefit for both parties and we want you to obtain it in order to finally obtain harmony between your organization and the ecosystem.